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We are pleased to list our extensive “Temple Spa” treatment range below.
We use “Temple Spa” products in our treatments and sell a large range so that you can continue to use these products at home – Please visit our “Products” page for details.

it’s all about the face
Prescription & skin boosting facials

Bespoke prescription facial for your skin type
60 Minutes – £55
A totally bespoke facial designed to suit your personal skin type and your concerns. We’ll analyse, prescribe and then tailor a gorgeous facial which will deliver amazing results. To begin with your skin will be deeply cleansed and exfoliated followed by our signature Temple Spa face & décolleté massage an application of a bespoke treatment mask and a prescribed moisture treat. Whilst you drift off your treatment is completed with a choice of a tension relieving hand & arm massage or a divine scalp massage. You will feel amazing and your skin will look so, so good!

A calming facial for sensitive or delicate skin
60 Minutes – £55
A de-sensitising and ultra-soothing facial packed with fresh ingredients, Mediterranean essential oils and vitamin boosters. Designed to soothe, calm and de-stress a sensitive and stressed skin. Following a deep, yet tender cleanse your skin is gently exfoliated followed by our signature relaxing face massage finishing and an application of a unique Temple Spa marinade mask. A truly soothing and calming facial to restore your skin’s natural equilibrium, radiance and glow.

Express facial for all skin types
30 Minutes -£35
Looking for quick results, need to look your best but don’t have much time? This is the one for you. We’ve taken all the ingredients that you would find in a healthy breakfast like oats, honey and fruit juices, to create this pick me up facial. Includes a deep power-cleanse, nutritious scrub & mask, revitalising face massage and wonderful scalp massage. A taster treat for all skin types!

Anti-ageing eye treatment
30 Minutes -£35
This divine treatment is designed to revitalise and treat the delicate eye area that needs some special attention. A pressure point and specialised eye massage lifts, firms and smoothes followed by the use of Temple Spa unique ‘cold therapy’ to tighten and tone your eye area. A complete anti-ageing eye treatment to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles and put the sparkle back into your eyes. A real eye-opening experience!

the goody goodies
Well being facials

Relaxing, indulgent facial for all skin types
75 Minutes – £70
This indulgent aromatherapy facial is infused with a Mediterranean blend of 40 essential oils which will soothe, calm and hydrate your skin whilst having a relaxing action on the mind and body so you can switch off and recharge. This divine treatment concentrates on releasing tension and stress caused by day to day living with a Temple Spa signature face, eye, scalp and hand & arm massage experience. There’s nothing like stress for ageing the skin and there’s nothing like relaxation for smoothing it. Pure Bliss!

Rehydrating facial for thirsty skin
75 Minutes – £70
This facial is the ultimate in anti-ageing. This lavish experience is a must for a dehydrated, dull or devitalised skin, leaving your skin looking radiant & fresh. We combine powerful ingredients and techniques to help fight the ageing process and loss of elasticity in the skin. This divine facial includes a signature face and décolleté massage including a specialised eye massage to stimulate circulation and muscle tone. Skin is then exfoliated and treated to a double layer hydrating and cooling cryogenic mask including an application of the award-winning Temple Spa Quench Hydrating Mask.
The results are outstanding; skin looks plumper, firmer, hydrated, visibly smoother and wonderfully soft. You could call it a facial iron.

body scrubs, wraps & infusions
just like a ‘facial’ but for the body

A facial for the back
45 Minutes – £45
Following an invigorating exfoliation with our Mediterranean SUGAR BUFF scrub, a warm purifying mud is smoothed all over your back for a powerful and deeply cleansing and hydrating treatment. Whilst the mask is working its magic enjoy a detoxifying foot massage. Luxurious warm mitts are used to remove the mask before a stimulating back, neck and shoulder massage is performed, leaving you energised, relaxed and with a back to be proud of.

Face & body exfoliation
45 Minutes – £45
What a treat! Top-to-toe buffing and polishing. Using our unique, Award Winning Mediterranean SUGAR BUFF Scrub, we exfoliate and polish your body and gently buff away dead skin cells on your face with the BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE. This invigorating and refreshing all over treatment leaves the skin soft as silk, revitalised and hydrated. The perfect way to begin another body treatment and an absolute must before your holiday or a special event. Off you glow!

A firming, toning, tightening body detox treatment
60 minutes – £60
This is the treatment if you need a bit of help with the wobbly bits! Commencing with body brushing and sloughing movements to stimulate lymphatic flow. Hips, thighs & stomach are then treated to a bespoke Temple Spa detoxifying massage, using targeted techniques to help break down fatty deposits and stimulate collagen and elastin formation in the skin, improving strength and elasticity. You’re are then
enveloped in intensive marine and mineral rich mud wrap to stimulate the metabolism and promote fat burning. Finally, a friction-rub with the Award-Winning GO FIGURE anti-cellulite gel completes the treatment. Skin is left feeling firmer, tighter and invigorated!
One treatment is fab, a course of six is amazing.

mediterranean massages – the best massage treatments you’ll ever experience

Relaxing full body massage
60 / 90 minutes – £58 / £78
This deeply relaxing top-to-toe massage, formulated with a dreamy blend of Mediterranean essential oils including Frankincense, Lavender and Patchouli, is guaranteed to have you drifting away. Upgrade your experience to 90 minutes to include a signature face and scalp massage using our aromatherapy resting cream REPOSE.
This is the perfect treatment to soothe and calm frazzled nerves and wind down an active mind; tension and stress simply melts away……zzzzzzz!!!!!

Detoxing / muscle workout massage
60 / 90 minutes – £58/ £78
A detoxifying, deep tissue massage that relieves fluid retention and works out tired, aching muscles. Using the ingenious WORK IT OUT detox massage oil including essential oils of Juniper, Lavender and Cypress. We begin with full body brushing to stimulate the circulation to improve lymph drainage. Then we perform a deep tissue, body boosting massage with muscle-fitness techniques and movements to really give your muscles a work out – working on knots, tensions and tightness to help the detox process. Detox-licious!

Energising full body massage
60 / 90 minutes – £58 / £78
An invigorating massage designed to leave you full of vitality. We use an uplifting blend of Mediterranean essential oils including Ginger, Lemon and Bergamot that are carefully chosen to stimulate and refresh the skin, body & soul. The clever massage movements encourage circulation and stimulate the whole body to leave you feeling energised and full of life. Upgrade your experience to 90 minutes to include a mini detox facial.
All guaranteed to restore and revive you, putting a spring back into your step!

35 minutes – £35
Choose from one of the three massage treatments above. Discuss with your therapist which option meets your needs.

Add in skin remodelling & brightening CONTOURIST MASK and leave revived & radiant from top-to-toe for just an extra £7.50

spa experiences
top-to-toe affairs!

A bespoke facial & massage
120 Minutes – £100
Not sure how to spend the next couple of hours? Firstly, we’ll chat about how you are feeling – skin, body & soul – and let you smell the different aromas to match your mood. Then we’ll take care of you with a wonderfully relaxing and restorative full body massage, followed by an indulgent prescription facial. We will select the products and techniques perfect for your wants and needs. You will look, feel and smell oh so good.

Hot stones massage
75 minutes – £75
This popular Thermal Stone massage is a glorious treatment using warm basalt stones to massage the body from head-to-toe. This wonderfully, warming treatment works on energy points located throughout the body to rebalance and harmonise. The muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated in a sensation totally unique to hot stone massage. This all-encompassing treatment is an experience you just have to have at least once in your life. Simply heavenly!

Totally unique face & body treatment using only brushes
90 Minutes – £80
Imagine the sensation from a sequence of brushes in varying sizes and textures being used from top-to-toe, to massage, stimulate, drain toxins and smooth on delicious preparations to the face and body. Once lavished in rich warm DRIFT AWAY body oil, you will be cocooned, then treated to the exclusive Temple Spa facial treatment. Carried out entirely with brushes, while you doze. Heaven!

Mummy to be massage
60 minutes – £65
Pregnancy is a most wonderful time that requires treatments specially designed for you. You will enjoy a full body massage, without the need to lie on your tummy. Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to work those sore, tired and aching muscles while you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The treatment is complete with a face and scalp massage leaving your skin feeling baby soft all over. You never know, your little bambino might enjoy the sense of calm too!

for the fellas!

Men’s facial for all skin types
60 Minutes – £55
This high-performance men’s facial is perfect to revive, refresh and invigorate. Your skin will be revitalised and energised with a deep brush cleanse, followed by a targeted face & shoulder massage. Skin is then treated to a deep exfoliation and an application of a bespoke face mask. Finally choose from a detoxifying foot massage or stress relieving scalp massage to melt away the final traces of tension and stress. Skin is left smoother, softer and hydrated and you ready to face the world.

A facial for the back
45 Minutes – £45
Following an invigorating exfoliation with our Mediterranean SUGAR BUFF scrub, a warm purifying mud is smoothed all over your back for a powerful and deeply cleansing and hydrating treatment. Whilst the mask is working its magic enjoy a detoxifying foot massage. Luxurious warm mitts are used to remove the mask before a stimulating back, neck and shoulder massage is performed, leaving you energised, relaxed and with a back to be proud of.

Leg & foot energiser
30 Minutes – £35
Don’t you just hate it when your legs & feet beat like drums? This oh-so-good treatment is instant relief for tired, swollen, over worked legs and feet. It begins with skin brushing to help eliminate excess fluids, followed by our Mediterranean Scrub to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. Your legs are then treated to a warm oil massage that will leave you tingling and feeling lighter. The treatment is completed with invigorating rub of our cooling and soothing balm AAAHHH! Followed with a skin treating sweep across the feet with the Award Winning SOLE BALM. You really will say “AAAHHH!”

mediterranean massages – the best massage treatments you’ll ever experience
Drift Away –
Work It Out –             (Please see earlier on this page for details of these three massage treatments)
In Good Spirits –

side orders (£15 each)

delightful treats to add to main treatments

Have you ever had a treatment at a spa and thought to yourself, ‘I wish I could have a little more’? Well now you can! Here we present a lovely selection of options to add onto your main treatment. These can be added to any facial, massage or body treatment.
1. Stressed out? – Enjoy our 15 minute hot stone neck and shoulder treatment
2. Head feel heavy and uptight? -You will love our 15 minute sedating scalp massage
3. Love your hands to be pampered? – Select our 15 minute indulgent hand ritual
4. Want a spring in your step? – Select our 15 minute indulgent foot ritual
5.  Want to look less tired? – Discover our 15 minute secret eye remedy

Having a Massage? Or another Body Treatment
GO VIP & UPGRADE – add £7.50
Add in a skin remodelling & brightening CONTORIST MASK and leave revived & radiant from top-to-toe.

hands & feet suite
manicures & pedicures

45 Minutes £30
This popular Manicure will ensure your hands and feet are in tip top condition, you will be truly relaxed with our Hand and Arm massage, and leave with beautifully polished nails, if desired.
60 Minutes £45
All the above with the addition of Exfoliation, Mask and Warm Mitts, PURE RELAXATION

60 Minutes £30
This popular Pedicure will ensure your feet are in tip top condition.  You will feel relaxed with our Temple Spa Sugar Buff exfoliation and relaxing massage, and leave with beautifully painted nails, if desired.
75 Minutes £45
All the above with the addition of a Warm Mask and Warm Booties, PURE RELAXATION.

45 Minutes £45.00
This holistic treatment stimulates reflex points to bring about balance to the body, it helps to relieve aches and pains, the reflexologist will apply pressure to the reflex areas of the feet, clearing blockages and imbalances to restore the flow of the body’s natural healing energies.

facial reflexology

60Minutes £55.00

Have you ever considered having reflexology but can’t bear the thought of someone touching your feet? Well here is your answer to that problem. Debbie now offers “Facial Reflexology”. This amazing treatment is so relaxing and beneficial to the Body, Mind and Skin. By having this treatment it will reduce stress, bring balance back in the mind and body, with the added bonus of giving your face a healthy glow. This is not a facial but I can combine it with a facial and make the treatment bespoke to you.

Waxing Menu
We make our waxing a pleasure not a pain by using Outback Organic Wax – the title says it all they are free from anything that could irritate your skin.
Even though it’s waxing you will go away feeling pampered!!
Lip and/or chin 15mins £8.00
Bikini 30mins £15.00
Underarm 15mins £10.00
Half Leg 30mins  £17.50
Half Leg & Bikini 45mins £26.00
Full Leg 45mins £28.00
Full Leg & Bikini 60 mins  £36.00

Eyecare Menu
Brow Wax 15-30mins £10.00
Lash Tint 30mins £11.50
Brow Tint 15mins £8.50
Lash & Brow Tint 30mins £18.00
Lash Lift & Tint 60mins £40.00
Brow Wax & Tint 30mins £14.50

Gift Vouchers
These make an ideal present and are available for any treatment or amount.

We stock a wide range of “TEMPLE SPA” SKIN CARE & BODY PRODUCTS which are available to purchase, so why not continue the benefits of your Clowance Spa Treatments at home.

The Small Print
Do not wear jewellery during treatments
Bring flip flops/sandals to wear after pedicure
Please remove contact lenses prior to facials or eye treatments
Tinting will require a patch test 24 hours before your appointment
Failure to attend or cancel within 24 hours of the appointment may result in you being charged fully for the treatment
Information and prices correct at time of print and are subject to change
Most of our treatments are suitable for both men and women