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Clowance Spa
We use “Temple Spa” products in our treatments and sell a large range so that you can continue to use these products at home. Please contact us or click on the button above if you would like to purchase any of these and we will send them to you straight away for a £4 delivery. BEAUTIFUL CLEANSERS & TONERS THAT WILL LEAVE YOUR SKIN FEELING WONDERFUL IN THE BEGINNING deep cleansing melt The divine balm, with a cult following, that leaves skin hydrated and dewy. The secret is in the exfoliating beads that melt as you massage, giving a deep, nourishing cleanse. All skin types | 75g | £35 BE GONE kind-hearted cleansing creme A state-of-the-art luscious lotion that ‘springs’ out all traces of makeup, embedded grime and impurities to leave skin feeling fresh, clean and beautifully settled. Sensitive skin | 150mL/5fl.oz. | £24 GOOD TO GO foaming cleanser A liquid that miraculously becomes a wash-off foam, leaving skin fresh and soft without feeling taught. Great for using in the shower and when you want a lighter cleanse. Normal skin | 170mL/5.7fl.oz. | £24 TONING ESSENCE essential mist tonic without the alcohol Refines, balances and gives a double cleanse by removing embedded debris and last traces of cleanser. A non-string, hydrating formula inspired by the Mediterranean diet. All skin types | 150mL/5fl.oz. | £21 MASKS & SCRUBS LOOKING FOR A DEEP, SPA QUALITY CLEANSE? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER… BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE gentle exfoliator This creamy-textured exfoliator is a nutritious alternative that cleanses and polishes in one and won’t upset the balance of your skin. Packed with naturals that hydrate and remove dead skin cells to reveal a bright and smooth complexion. All skin types | 100mL/3.3fl.oz. | £32 QUENCH rejuvenating mask This rejuvenating mask is like a drink for the skin, literally saturating it with goodness. It has a rich texture and leaves skin plump, soft & radiant. Dry/thirsty | 65mL/2.19fl.oz. | £32 BECALM soothing face mask Fragile or stressed skin doesn’t have to miss out on a treat! This gentle cream mask will calm, soothe and tenderly love your skin and leave it firm & plump. Sensitive/ stressed | 65mL/2.19fl.oz. | £32 THE POWER BREAKFAST nutricious scrub & mask An amazing face-scrub/ mask that’s like muesli for the skin. It will brighten, decongest and smooth even the dullest of complexions. Polished skin, polished performance! Combination/ weary | 85g/2.9oz. | £32 PURIFICATION deep cleansing mask A rich marine mud that helps banish blocked pores, breakouts and oily skin blemishes. It has a fabulous dense mousse texture. Your skin will emerge feeling squeaky clean, cool and refreshed… positively purified! Oily/ congested | 85g/2.9oz. | £32 SERUM SOLUTIONS OUR PROFESSIONAL PROBLEM SOLVERS BE FIRM ultimate lifting serum Your skin’s personal architect, designed to revamp a complexion that’s lost its bounce. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while improving skin firmness and visibly refining skin texture. Put the spring back into your skin! All skin types | 30mL/1fl.oz. | £44 BE STRONG ultimate strengthening serum This power-packed “super juice” is designed for skin feeling weak, fragile or in need of a lifeline! It reduces the appearance of visible redness, reinforces and supports, leaving a feeling of comfort. Ahhh... that’s better. All skin types | 30mL/1fl.oz. | £44 SPECIAL ATTENTION TARGETED TREATMENTS FOR EYES, NECK & FACE WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream A velvet formula that treats the eye area with kindness. Lightweight & hydrating, this gel cream cools, soothes and refreshes tired eyes, reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles and tightens & tones the eye area. Let your eyes tell your story! All skin types | 15mL/0.5fl.oz. | £35 IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious boost facial oil An exquisite facial treatment oil formulated to visibly plump, smooth and rebalance skin. Over time the hydrating formula minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin with a fresh and natural glow. All skin types | 30mL/1fl.oz. | £32 EXALT firming neck gel This luscious gel is designed to tackle the test of time. Its unique elastic texture deeply moisturises, smooths, firms and lifts the look and feel of the neck and bust area, bringing back the youthfulness you desire. All skin types | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £46 MOISTURISERS HYDRATE & NOURISH YOUR SKIN LIFE DEFENCE spf30 protecting moisturiser This innovative, feather-light moisturiser contains a broad-spectrum SPF 25 to help protect against UVA & UVB damage. It creates a barrier of protection against skin-ageing free radicals, city pollution, wind, central heating, air con and daily stress. All skin types | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £44 BE STILL settling moisturiser Beautiful. Sophisticated. A texture like liquid silk that settles the skin immediately, leaving it smooth and hydrated. This vitamin-enriched moisturiser gives sensitive skin the comfort it craves. Calm skin... calm you! Sensitive skin | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £44 DOUBLE CREAM hydrating moisturiser Rich. Creamy. Feel the texture and you just know this is going to make a difference! Formulated to rehydrate and firm, leaving skin dewy and full of vitality. It’s true salvation for seriously parched and dehydrated skin. Dry skin | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £44 REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream A stunningly beautiful formula that calms the soul whilst it deeply hydrates, soothes and relaxes the skin. Its blend of calming essential oils helps you get a restful sleep and deepens breathing. All skin types | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £46 REDUCE FINE LINES. DEEPLY HYDRATE. LEAVE SKIN GLOWING & RADIANT SKIN TRUFFLE total facial radiance A luxury award-winning moisturiser with a beautiful cashmere skin touch that brings immediate radiance as well as powerful hydrating benefits. Dubbed by the press as ‘miracle cream’ and ‘happiness in a jar’! Powerful results and an absolute delight to use! All skin types | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £95 TRUFFLELIXIR super luxe serum A potent elixir, it’s the quintessence of intelligent ingredients that target all signs of visible ageing around eyes, mouth and every tell-tale part of the face. Like gorgeous silk lingerie, Trufflelixir is a super-luxe serum that’s worn underneath moisturiser, treating the skin at a cellular and epidermal level to smooth, firm, lift and deeply hydrate. All skin types | 30mL/1fl.oz. | £85 TRUFFLESQUE ultra hydration & radiance masque A power-packed luxury masque with unbelievable transforming results that helps to create an appearance of instant youthfulness in the skin. Leave skin plumper, more lifted, super hydrated and silky smooth. All skin types | 75mL/2.5fl.oz. | £65 EYE TRUFFLE complete eye rejuvenation An exquisite cashmere crème, rich in luxury ingredients and peptides, melts into the skin to give you that fabulously firm feeling! Helps to visibly tighten and tone the look of the skin around the eyes while replenishing and revitalising. It’s a serious dose of do-good. All skin types | 15mL/0.5fl.oz. | £70 TRUFFLE NOIR 24-hour skin rejuvenation A luxurious moisturiser with an ultra-smooth skin touch that givesinstant hydrating results by day and performs miracle- working night duty whilst you sleep! All skin types | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £95 BODY TRUFFLE total body radiance A sumptuous body crème designed to give you the soft touch, beautifully fragrant and radiant skin you long for! With regular use it will rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin. Heaven on earth for the skin! All skin types | 150mL/5fl.oz. | £60 BODY SCRUBS & EXFOLIATORS DETOX. SMOOTH. PREPARE TO BARE SUGAR BUFF mediterranean body scrub A simply delicious Med-inspired sugar scrub that removes dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal for silky smooth skin. All skin types | 228g | £28 GIVING IT THE BRUSH OFF detoxing dry body brush Give dull, bumpy skin the brush off! This luxurious natural body brush will help you feel totally revived and give your skin back its healthy glow. All skin types | £19 WORK IT OUT muscle-tox bathing & massage oil This detoxifying and warming oil will truly help reboot your system and work wonders on knots, tensions, tight muscles and best of all, help flush out those nasty toxins. Detox-licious! All skin types | 100mL/3.3fl.oz. | £30 AAAHHH! soothing balm for aching feet & limbs A cooling respite! This lightweight formula helps refresh feet and limbs that have been standing or working hard for too long, leaving skin feeling cool & zingy. All skin types | 150mL/5fl.oz. | £23 SOLE BALM luxurious skincare for the feet A powerful blend of botanicals and essential oils to deeply moisturise and clever exfoliating enzymes that gently nibble away dead skin cells. All skin types | 100mL/3.3fl.oz. | £21 PALM BALM luxurious skincare for the hands Probably the best hand cream you will ever use! A fast-absorbing, multivitamin cocktail to soothe, moisturise and turn back the clock! All skin types | 75mL | £17 SLEEP WELL RELAX & RESTORE QUIETUDE calming mist for me & my space The ambience of a spa… in a bottle! This wonderful soothing aroma leaves your skin, body and soul wrapped in a blanket of serenity. All skin types | 100mL/3.3fl.oz. | £26 DUVET comforting body cream This luxurious, advanced cream is designed to wrap the body with hydrating goodness and to leave the skin feeling smooth, toned and deliciously fragranced. All skin types | 180mL | £34 DRIFT AWAY relaxing bathing & massage oil A must for when you need to wind down and have your moment of peace and quiet. A soothing blend of Mediterranean essential oils to help restore a feeling of wellbeing. All skin types | 100mL/3.3fl.oz. | £30 REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream A stunningly beautiful formula that calms the soul whilst it deeply hydrates, soothes and relaxes the skin. Its blend of calming essential oils helps you get a restful sleep and deepens breathing. All skin types | 50mL/1.6fl.oz. | £46 RISE WELL & RE-ENERGISE IN GOOD SPIRITS energising bathing & massage oil A refreshing, invigorating blend of over 30 Mediterranean essential oils that work together to hydrate your skin and elevate your mood. You’ll feel restored in no time. All skin types | 100mL/3.3fl.oz. | £30 IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE energising shower scrub A deliciously zesty shower scrub that will help brighten your day or revive you when weary. All skin types | 150mL | £16 SPIRITUDE energising mist for me & my space This wonderfully energising fragrance is just the thing when you need help to restore your equilibrium and lift flagging spirits. A touch of vitality when you’re lacking energy, or feeling a little tired. All skin types | 100mL/3.3fl.oz. | £26 BREATH OF LIFE inhalation essence A must-have to clear your head or to use when feeling out of sorts. Use with steam inhalation, pop on a tissue or sniff straight from the bottle… Whoa!!! 10ml/0.3fl.oz. | £13 EVERY DAY SPA LUXE TURNS EVERY DAY INTO A SPA DAY PEACE BE STILL calming skin balm This sophisticated all-over balm deeply moisturises and softens, leaving your skin feeling oh so silky to touch whilst its warm citrus fragrance relaxes the soul! Gentle enough to use even on the face. All skin types | 150mL/5fl.oz. | £20 LA LA LAGOON aromatic bath & shower gel La la in the shower or bathe in a blue lagoon – either way, let this unisex and moisturising formula soothe away tiredness whilst it cleans and purifies your skin. All skin types | 150mL | £13 SPA GIFT SETS DO NOT DISTURB ultimate relaxation collection 6-piece collection for a relaxing night in that will leave your skin, body and soul feeling restored and rejuvenated. Includes: DO NOT DISTURB PILLOW, QUIETUDE 50mL, DRIFT AWAY 50mL, BECALM 30mL, DUVET 50mL and REPOSE 15mL.| £50 SPA RETREAT the discovery collection Top-to-toe spa wherever you are. Includes: BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE 15mL, REPOSE 15mL, BE GONE 15mL, WINDOWS OF THE SOUL 7mL, AAAHHH! 15mL, DRIFT AWAY 30mL, TONING ESSENCE 30mL, BE STILL 15mL and BECALM 15mL. | £42 TRAVEL THERAPIES unisex travel bathroom kit Four spa essentials with concentrated formulas to keep you going throughout your travels. Includes: GOOD HAIR DAY, IN GOOD CONDITION, LA LA LAGOON and PEACE BE STILL. 4 x 50mL | £20
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