Welcome to Clowance Spa

[We are also at Burn Coastal Retreat in North Cornwall one or two days a week]

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Clowance Spa is at the Clowance Estate near Camborne in Cornwall which is one of the many great holiday resorts owned and operated internationally by Seasons Holidays.

Our salon is situated at Clowance in the Leisure Centre with our own entrance a few metres to the right of the external entrance to the Leisure Centre Reception.

Please look at our ‘Treatments’ page where we are confident there will be many items that will appeal to you.

To make a booking when you are at the resort dial 122 from your lodge telephone or contact reception on “0” for information and appointments or from home dial 01209 833122.

You can also contact us by emailing us at enquiries@clowancespa.co.uk

If you are coming to Clowance for a holiday in the near future we would recommend that you make a booking in advance if you are tempted by any of the treatments we offer.

Opening Times: